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Questions about b2bYellowpages Do I need to register or pay anything for the information on

No. All of the information on our site is available free of charge!

Questions about b2bYellowpages Can I buy products from is an informational resource only. It allows you to locate businesses that can provide a wide variety of products, services and information. We do not directly sell any products, services or information, nor do we get involved in the sale or negotiation between buyers and sellers.

Questions about b2bYellowpages How do I get my site listed in

Our Premium Member program allows you to list and promote your business throughout our site. Premium Members receive priority listing with maximum exposure and benefits. Click here to learn more about becoming a Premium Member.

Questions about b2bYellowpages Why should we list our site with you?

There are many reasons to list with us. Here a just a few:

a. We attract a large number of unique users each and every month.
b. Your site is priority listed and most importantly appears when and where you want it.
c. You recommend the directory categories that will list your site.
d. You recommend the keywords that our technology will use to match viewer search queries.
e. Superior local search technology. In addition to your city or town, you can also tell us your service areas. Our technology matches visitor queries within your your home town and service areas.This is particularly great for local businesses.
f. You will never incur any pay-per-click or additional fees.

It is also important to remember that the environment for creating web attention is extremely competitive. All businesses need multiple online presences to promote their website. provides effective and extremely cost efficient ways to bring serious buyers, added traffic and exposure to your site.

Questions about b2bYellowpages What are the advantages of joining your directory as a Premium Advertiser versus subscribing to a pay per click search engine?

There are several advantages that our memberships provide over pay per click search engines.

a. You can recommend up to 20 keywords. There are no added costs for any specific keyword approved.
b. You can submit multiple photos and videos.
c. There are no added costs regardless of the click-through results generated to your site.
d. No maintenance is required to monitor your bidding costs.
e. No fraudulent click-through charges.
f. Our search engine and directory listings yield higher click-through rates and generate qualified leads. Viewers expect to see businesses that are more typical of advertisers within a business and yellow pages directory.
g. Having your site listed in our directory often gets your site indexed by other leading search engines. This increases your link popularity that in turn may also increase your ranking on these engines.

Questions about b2bYellowpages Are there any requirements to listing a site on

Yes. In order to ensure that our viewers get extremely accurate and useful results, each "add new listing" or "modify an existing listing" is reviewed by our own algorithmic technology and humans for approval and edited for relevancy. Please click here to review our approval criteria.

Questions about b2bYellowpages I want to join but cannot seem to enter my website URL. Why is this?

There are a few possibilities. (We also will advise you when joining which one of these may be the issue).

a. As per our approval criteria and subscriber agreement, only the domain name as it was registered can be submitted for listing. No sub-domains or affiliate ID URLs are accepted. We do allow members, however, to target a specific landing page within your site from our result pages.
b. A domain name cannot have been previously submitted within any other membership.
c. Certain countries outside of the US may have trademark rights that prevent us from supporting a "yellow pages" listing from those countries. We will advise you should that occur upon joining.

Questions about b2bYellowpages How long does it take for my site to be listed in the directory?

Premium members that properly submit a website and meet our approval criteria will have their site immediately displayed upon clicking the confirmation link sent in an email upon joining.

Questions about b2bYellowpages The information about my website is incorrect. How do I modify this?

If the website information posted about your company is incorrect, and the result says "member site", simply log in and go to "my website information". Click on modify and edit accordingly.

If the information about your company posted on our website is incorrect, and the result displayed does not either state "member site" or show a blue Premium Member icon, then the information displayed is being obtained from a resource other than our own member database. You can select the option "update or tell us more" or go to the contact us page and select the option desired for further instructions.

Questions about b2bYellowpages I am a member but can't find my web site listed in the b2bYellowpages search results. Why is this?

a. You did not properly complete the listing process. Upon joining, you were asked to confirm your application by opening the e-mail sent to you and clicking on the appropriate link.
b. You are not searching for your submitted or approved keywords. Our editors approve, add or remove recommended keywords to ensure that the approved keywords are deemed relevant to your business. You can review your submitted and approved keywords by logging in and going to "my website information".
c. You are not looking at your approved category. When you submitted your website, you were asked to suggest a community and category that best relates to your type of industry, products and services. Upon review, our editors may approve or select a more relevant category. To view your approved community and category, login and go to "my website information" to review.

Questions about b2bYellowpages How do I remove my site from being listed in your search results?

In order to remove your listing from appearing in our search results or directory categories, you must first determine if the result is a member listing. If the the result says "member sites" or shows a blue Premium member icon, simply log in and go to "my website information". Click on "erase". This will immediately remove your listing from appearing throughout our website.

If the listing that displays information about your company does not specifically state that it is a "member site", the information about your company is being obtained from one of our partnering search providers. Partnering search providers are utilized in order to supplement our own member listings. In this manner, however, we are merely acting a third party provider of information and would require that you contact the partnering sites directly. You can click on the link "update or tell us more" or go to contact us and select the option desired for additional information.

Questions about b2bYellowpages How do I remove a duplicate listing of my company?

Your company may have more than one listing in our directory as a result of 2 factors.

a. Our licensee (Localeze) has more than one listing of your company
b. You joined our directory as a Premium Member but did not claim your listing from our licensee when you joined. Therefore we are showing both.

Here is how to resolve:

a. If you did not join as a Premium Member and the listing(s) is from our licensee, you need to inform Localeze of the listing(s) you do not want. Please view our remove record page for more information

b. If you are a Premium Member that has 2 listings - one as a Premium Member and one from our licensee, please contact us with both URLs. Ask us to assign the Localeze listing to your Premium Member listing. In essence you are claiming the record. The information from our Licensee will no longer appear. Upon claiming, the information we show will only be the Premium Member Information you submitted upon joining. Note: This is an automated process. The information must be the same in some way - either URL, address, phone, etc. in order for us to verify you are the authorized representative of the record you are claiming.

c. If you have both a Premium Member listing and one or more listings from Localeze, use the above step B to claim one listing and have it assigned to your Premium Member listing. You will then need to use step A to advise Localeze of the listing(s) you want removed.

Questions about b2bYellowpages How do I change or remove my phone number or address listing from your Yellow Pages phone directory?

There are several ways to correct this:

a. If you are a Member you can login, click modify and update.
b. If you are not a Member and you are viewing your listing, click on the link "update or tell us more".
c. If you are not a Member, contact the local phone service company to which you currently pay, or previously paid your phone bill to. We supplement our Member listings with phone information from content providers, who in turn access the listing information from local phone service providers in your area.
d. Use the contact us form and select the option desired for additional information.

Questions about b2bYellowpages Are you affiliated with any Ma-Bell, major telephone directory or yellow pages publisher?

No. We are an independent and privately owned company. We are not affiliated with any other United States, International, regional or state Yellow Pages directory. Due to the fact that our domain name is considered the most natural for a business-to-business Yellow Pages, (we also own,, etc.), viewers may incorrectly associate us with other Yellow Page companies, telephone directories or phone book publishers.

Questions about b2bYellowpages Can I get a printed copy of your directory?

No, we are an on-line resource only. We do not print or publish local or regional directories. We do not offer any hard copies or downloads of our directory.

Questions about b2bYellowpages Do you sell any type of lists of the companies listed in your directory?

No. We do not sell or distribute any type of lists of the companies shown in our directory.

Questions about b2bYellowpages Does sell information about its members?

No. The information submitted by our members is utilized solely for presentation on our website. It is never sold to any outside parties.

Questions about b2bYellowpages How do I report problems?

Our feedback form quickly allows you to communicate directly with the correct departments that will resolve the problems you are experiencing.